Bahdal (when pronounced is to sound similar to the word: bottle) is a internet tech and marketing research company that enables people to search the web in a faster way cutting a persons search time by 92% when looking for a website known by name or when looking for information using a certain keyword or phrase.

With our search capabilities you will be sent directly to the best relevant webpage selected by rank popularity (data pulled and calculated from top search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), people's help who searched a similar query before you (people help each other everytime they search a query through our search box which improves our data to bring you better instant results), and also A.I. (Artificial intelligence).

Our core focus is to help everyone find information in an instant plus offer info and tips to get more done using our versatile search functions. Also we provide marketing opportunities for people and businesses interested in promoting and advertising their products and services online.

Social network users who are members of Facebook and Twitter or who has an email list can use our search function to share information they find when using a keyword or phrase.

How this works is that when a person inputs a keyword or phrase into our search box they can activate our search and share fucnction by clicking the 'Share a search' icon located within the search box on our desktop version. If using our mobile version they can just tap the menu icon in the top right corner then tap the 'Share a Search' option from the slide out display menu.

People feel secure when using a keyword or phrase others share with them to look up information through Bahdal because it helps eliminate the threat of clicking on a shared URL link provided by someone within their social network that maybe compromised. Compromised links may contain a hidden virus or phishing software used to steal information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details.

Bahdal is the contrary force of the traditional search method everyone is accustomed to using in everyday life of pulling up search results.

But in many ways like the Yin and Yang symbol our method is interconnected and therefore could not exist without the help of people doing traditional searches and submitting content to companies such as Google.

Google sometimes helps us deliver relevant search results when our system can not find a proper webpage to display for a keyword or phrase entered into our search box.

Like some of the major search engine companies online which offers advertising opportunities for people who want to advertise / promote their brands and products, we too have decided to join the ranks to offer an advertising opportunity of our own.

We took notice of how some of the major search engine companies online who offer a pay per click advertising program can become very expensive and uncertain throughout the length of the advertising campaign. Also your ad budget funding can quickly be depleted if keywords or phrases are not strategically choosen when trying to reach a targeted consumer group or audience for a greater ROI (return on investment).

So we came up with two very simple ad solutions that are fast, easy, and affordable designed for anyone who wants to promote and advertise without spending a fortune. Check out our advertising solutions at adverting.bahdal.com